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New In Linux 4.1

Postby anton21 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:31 pm

The big headline user-facing feature you’ll find in Linux 4.1 are the wealth of performance and power efficiency improvements committed for Intel’s Cherry Trail and Bay Trail chips. SoCs and devices, such as the Intel Compute Stick.

Anecdotal suggestions are that Linux Kernel 4.1 gives select combinations of newer Intel hardware as much as an extra hour of battery life. Such high gains are not likely to apply to anything but a very specific sub-set of chips and systems (and high-end ones at that) but it’s still exciting to hear of.

Highlights of Linux 4.1 include:

EXT4 gains file-system level encryption (thanks to Google)
Logitech lg4ff driver improves ‘force feedback’ for gaming wheels
Toshiba laptop driver gains USB sleep charging and backlight improvements
Rumble support for Xbox One controller
Better battery reporting in Wacom tablet driver
Various misc. power improvements for both ARM and x86 devices
Samsung Exynos 3250 power management improvements
Support for the Bamboo Pad
Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock gains USB support
Support for Realtek 8723A, 8723B, 8761A, 8821 Wi-Fi cards

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